Periodic Electrical Test & Inspection – Comprehensive professional electrical testing to guarantee building safety and compliance

We are one of the leading companies for electrical setup evaluations. From early in preparing stages to guarantee compliance, identify mistakes and decrease costs – we walk you through every step.

Our detailed portfolio of electrical screening and examination services  consists of:

Mandatory initial evaluation of electrical installations
Design evaluation of electrical installations

Technical advise on how to design and use electrical installations
Specific missions for insurance companies
Power measurement for electrical installations
Electrical failure risk analysis
Perturbation measurement of electrical setups
Periodical confirmation of electrical setups
Technical advisory on how to design and use electrical installations
Lightning security

Periodic Electrical Test And Inspection

There are two kinds of electrical examinations that you can carry out on your home’s circuitry. One is the regular assessment, which need to be done at recommended periods varying between 3-5 years or each year by screening parts of your business each year.

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